Traffic & Parking

Feb 2024 - Results of a study of the impact of the recently introduced LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhood) on Baytree Road.  Baytree Road is the most affected in the study (up 44%).

2012 - 2013 Road Layout Changes

The fantastic Kees Frederiks from Lambeth Council has worked closely with the residents of Baytree Road to produce a proposed altered road layout. The first meeting with residents was on the 29 March 2012, during which a solution was co-designed to traffic volumes on Baytree Road.

Essential elements:

The Residents Association was instrumental to getting the road layout changed - see the minutes from the time.  Traffic in Baytree Road was several orders of magnitude higher than it became after the scheme was implemented. The council actually ran their road number usage test - twice - because they could not believe the level of HGV usage on the road - and thought their counting device must be faulty!  It had HGV usage similar to a main road.  HGV's would use Baytree Road as a rat run before the no-left-turn was put in and stopped them.  Residents would find their houses shaking with the level of HGV usage before the change. 

The scheme below was implemented on 14th February 2013.

Further information available here: Lambeth Website