Brixton Town Plans

The Brixton SPD (Supplementary Planning Document)


Plans for future expansion and improvements in Central Brixton are discussed in the Brixton SPD (Supplementary Planning Document), 2012 (currently in draft format).


The Brixton SPD aims to provide supplementary guidance to Lambeth Core Strategy Policy (PN3) for Brixton town centre and builds on the "Future Brixton Masterplan" (2009).


The Brixton SPD provides a series of interrelated strategies for the town centre. These include the Public realm / townscape strategy; Transport and Movement strategy; Energy, water and waste strategy; Housing and social infrastructure strategy; and Economic strategy.


The SPD Boundary


The clearest diagram I've been able to find to show the boundaries of the Brixton SPD area can be found below (taken from a separate document - the final page of  The Brixton SPD boundary broadly covers "Brixton Town Centre" (as defined in PN3), plus two further estates.



As can be seen from the above diagram, Baytree Road sits on the South-West perimeter of the SPD area. Both exits from Baytree Road are covered by the SPD area.



Baytree Road - Acre Lane Exit


Page 21 of the Brixton SPD clearly denotes the Acre Lane exit from Baytree Road as being one of eleven "priority public realm projects" for the environment strategy, suggesting improvements may be planned very soon.  The relevant diagram from page 21 is included below.




Baytree Road - Brixton Hill Exit



Page 20 highlights the Brixton Hill exit from Baytree Road (the Southen squiggly line underneath area "3") as being planned for potential redevelopment. The document states that the Lambeth Core Strategy Policy PN3 contains an overarching town-wide framework which aims to "attract investment to the Town Hall campus area (area 3) – [to be] referred to as SW2 Enterprise Centre, which will include the creation of new office accommodation and an improved public realm with scope for some additional high density residential development. Redevelopment in this area should take care to improve the environmental quality of the Porden Road area for the benefit of existing residents."



Page 32 then discusses Area 3, the "SW2 Enterprise Centre", in more detail - with the overall objectives for the area being stated as:



The labels 1-8 above are, somewhat surprisingly, not expanded any further in the Supplementary Planning Document.  There is also no key to tell us what these numbers mean.


For ease of reference, I've included the full text relevant to the SW2 Enterprise Centre (with my own highlighting), below:-


4.4.2 Development/planning/design principles alongside illustrative plans:

4.4.3 Land use configurations and potential options:

4.4.4 Capacities:


4.4.5 Delivery issues






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Lambeth's first phase of consultation on the SPD document ended on 24th September 2012.  The draft SPD document (detailed below) will be presented to the December 2012 Council Cabinet.  Once approved, this draft will be put on deposit for statutory public consultation for 4 weeks in January 2013.  There is therefore an opportunity to make further comments during this period.   The intention is to seek cabinet approval for the final document in April 2013.

Any immediate questions may  be posed to Marianne (Programme Manager, Neighbourhood Regeneration, Housing, Regeneration and Environment) at