No to a Brixton Tesco Massive Development!

Help us object to Lambeth allowing a massive building development of up to 210 flats on the Tesco Acre Lane site in Brixton.

Note: the consultation period for the SADPD is open again until the 13th of August 2024 (due to a technical error many people were not made aware of the March to May consultation period). You can still object 😉 Please do so now, as the number of objections really matters.   CLICK HERE TO READ HOW SUBMIT, WITH GUIDANCE NOTESAlso see section below on other ways to contribute.


As residents of the vibrant Brixton community, WE (the resident groups of Baytree Road, Porden Road, Acre Lane and Trinity Gardens)  are deeply concerned about the proposed Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD) development on the Tesco location site. This development, which includes a street frontage of Tesco supermarket and up to 210 flats, is not only unsound but also poses significant threats to our local community. 

The scale of this high-rise building development is potentially going to be even higher than the illustration provided. The overwhelming size of this structure will drastically impact residents’ lives around the site, threatening to overshadow our homes and disrupt our peaceful neighbourhood with increased noise and traffic. Moreover, it will strain local services that are already stretched thin.

Furthermore, this development risks damaging the unique character of central Brixton's residential area. Our community is defined by its low-rise buildings and open spaces - introducing such a large-scale structure would be detrimental to our landscape.

Most importantly, Lambeth Council have failed to adequately consider these impacts or listen to the concerns raised by us - their constituents – after the 2022 consultation process, after which they ignored our requests for a smaller development and instead increased the proposed size. In addition, they did not directly contact residents who commented during that process to inform us this second stage was happening. The decision-making process must be transparent and inclusive; we deserve a say in developments that shape our lives and communities.

For general information read the Brixton Bugle newspaper article lower on this page. 

For a summary of our key concerns, and our specific policy requests to Lambeth - CLICK HERE.

Help us say NO! to this development plan. 

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