Trees in Street update (End Feb)

We are delighted with the Council’s offer to plant trees and very much look forward to a street full of new foliage. 


A total of:

13-15 Betula Facinations ( depending on the outcome of the scan )

4 Cornus Kousas or Pyrus ( depending on outcome of scan )

3 Betula Jacquemontii ( depending on scan )

4 bay trees 

Below is how we would like the positioning and type to work.


Each end of road:

 We would like to have two bay trees at each entrance.


Brixton Hill end of the road:

 If the scan is successful, we would like 4 trees outside Arlington Lodge, roughly evenly spaced from Brixton Hill to the car entrance to the Lodge. We would like these to be:

For the south side we would also like 4 trees ( 3 Betula Fascinations – planted together in a line – this is the variety planted in Larkhall Rise ) and one Cornus Kousa or Pyrus Chanticleer.

If we cannot have trees all the way along, might there be any individual spaces where we might be able to have a tree, even if only 2-3 trees in total ?


From nos 2- 28 and nos 27- Baytree Ct

We would like 5 trees here on both sides of the road, north and south.

We would like 4 of these on both sides to be Betula Fascination ( to be planted together in a line ) and one of them to be either Cornus Kousa ( variety as above ) or failing that, Pyrus Chanticleer.

The Cornus or Pyrus should be outside no 2 on the north side ( positioned so does not impede access to the garage ) and on the south side outside no 55. That is, so they are not opposite each other ).

For location, see map.


From Baytree Ct to Acre Lane

We would like 3 trees on the south side ( the last one will be a bay tree ) and 1 or 2 on the Tesco side, whatever is possible.

We would like all these to be Betula Fascination.